The Fall/Winter 2024 runway presentations were a showcase of creative directorial debuts, ranging from promising to controversial. Among them was Lacoste, which landed on the more promising end with a solid debut by newly appointed design director Pelagia Kolotouros.

Kolotouros’ Lacoste FW24 collection pays homage to the label’s origins, deeply rooted in the legacy of founder and tennis champion René Lacoste. Drawing inspiration from both tennis culture and the vibrant French art and fashion scene of the 1920s, the collection seamlessly blends classic elements with a contemporary twist, resulting in pieces that are both timeless and modern.

The collection features a mix of classic, chic, and relaxed styles infused with sporty accents and plenty of pleats, capturing the essence of Lacoste’s signature aesthetic. One notable aspect is the functional edge introduced through windbreaker-inspired dresses and tops, characterized by cream and black colorblocking.

While the brand’s iconic green hue is subtly incorporated throughout the collection, it takes a backseat to other colors such as burgundy, black, cream, and rust orange, which dominate the palette. The iconic Lacoste crocodile motif makes its presence felt across various pieces, from belt buckles to jacquard patterns and allover prints on silky garments.

Additionally, the collection reimagines Lacoste’s iconic sweaters as super long cable-knit dresses and coordinates paired with preppy hot pants, offering a fresh take on the brand’s heritage pieces that are sure to resonate with modern audiences.