Mavi and Wunder, who have collaborated innovatively in street fashion, have designed a special collection reflecting the energy of the city and its collective power. The Wunder X Mavi collection, which defines originality with freedom, blends the dynamic elements of global street style in a 21-piece unisex collection. Inspired by the balance of life and the dynamism of the streets, the collection brings together different cultures in a single community, much like the city where both brands were born, Istanbul.

Wunder X Mavi Collection: Freely Together in a Stylish World

Turning every street corner into a fashion scene, the collection offers functionality, comfort, and durability with heavy-weighted, sturdy fabrics. Carpenter and worker pants, utility jackets, and vests emphasize comfort and functionality at every step, while the colorful tattoo graphics on t-shirts and sweatshirts, inspired by skateboarding and motorcycle culture, reflect the spirit of this pioneering community. One of the signature pieces of the Wunder X Mavi collection, the camouflage-patterned suit, reinterpreted with different color combinations, paves the way for creating a bold style.

Representing this creative alliance and designed exclusively for the collection, the Yin Yang logo emphasizes the strong bond and harmony born from the merger of the two brands, reflecting the joy of being together on the streets and producing together.

The Wunder X Mavi capsule collection was launched on March 5th on Mavi and Wunder’s online platforms, and on March 6th in Mavi and Wunder stores.