Les Benjamins – the advanced contemporary Istanbul-based streetwear brand founded by Bünyamin Aydin – has unveiled its S/S 24 collection. The new collection takes inspiration from Turkeys’ rich heritage to create a boundary-pushing range combining comfort, futurism, heritage, and functionality.

Entitled ‘Kismet Voyage East to West’, the new collection pays homage to Sadun Boro – the first Turkish amateur sailor to circumnavigate the globe by sailing vessel. The collection is named after his voyage and his beloved sailing boat, ‘Kismet-Fortune’, and channels the celebrated mariner’s high performance, strong sailing ability, and strive to be the best.

Just like the fabled journey undertaken by Boro, Les Benjamins’ new collection trots the globe from East to West, taking wearers on a journey from the beginning of the race to the anticipated final awards ceremony. The collection spans a mixture of avant-garde pieces with nautical-inspired details and tailoring, blending futuristic touches with a worn-in, nostalgic aesthetic.

The first part of the new S/S 24 collection takes inspiration from the sail itself, with lightweight nylon fabrics, degraded leathers, shades of denim and recycled materials. Details include ropes, hand-made macrame and contemporary cuts, with inspiration also taken from vintage oil posters and sailing recruitment adverts – adding a touch of playfulness.

Kismet Voyage East to West’s second part is an ode to the gilded glamour of the legendary sail’s awards ceremony, with silk, tailored fabrics and structured shapes. Tailored suits and multi-layered silhouettes balance the collection, with the vibrant colour palette paying homage to the rich world of marine life and the ocean itself. Featured graphics are inspired by Sadun Boro and his personal passion for tailoring and fashion, and design highlights include nostalgic type font like ’60s serif designs and impactful prints inspired by Morse code. Well-developed, woven labels, metal branding elements and Les Benjamins’ signature three-coloured prints also feature throughout the S/S 24 collection.

Les Benjamins Kismet Voyage East to West is available online and in stores now.