Converse is reimagining the iconic Chuck Taylor with its new Deluxe Collection. The Edge of Style Campaign invites style leaders to push the boundaries of their fashion journeys.

As a brand representing creativity and original expression, Converse presents a unique collection in collaboration with female designers: the Deluxe Collection. Drawing inspiration from the classic Chuck series, this collection infuses modern lines with luxurious touches.

The Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge, Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel ve Chuck 70 De Luxe Squared silhouettes introduced this season blend the brand’s characteristic features with a modern twist. The iconic round rubber toe meets square shapes in surprising harmony. Additionally, small touches like stitching details and the octagonal Converse patch successfully reflect the Chuck Taylor heritage in both silhouettes.

The Deluxe Collection draws inspiration from collaborations with prominent designers in the industry. Contributions from names like Martine Ali, Feng Chen Wang, and Isabel Marant blend Converse’s classic silhouettes with a modern fashion sensibility. These collaborations shape the brand’s future vision while harnessing creativity as a catalyst.

With the new Edge of Style Campaign, Converse invites followers to push the boundaries of their own style. Explore the Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge, Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel ve Chuck 70 De Luxe Squared models and add a unique touch to your style. This exclusive collection is now available in stores and online at