Located in the historic neighborhood of Teşvikiye in Istanbul, 316 offers a unique meze experience that blends the rich flavors of Anatolia with the culture of wine. While its name is derived from the stainless-steel quality 316, it represents a spectrum of ideas. Embracing a mission of minimal waste and contributing to recycling efforts, this establishment has crafted a sustainable business model.

The spirit of 316 draws inspiration from the stainless-steel tanks commonly used in winemaking. These tanks preserve the essence of grapes while fermenting them, reflecting the journey of turning grapes into wine. We aim to embody this spirit by infusing traditional Anatolian flavors from various regions into our contemporary meze menu.

Dishes like Adana-style stuffed meatballs, Aegean girit ezme, and Maraş-style cracked wheat salad adorn our unique meze selection. To complement these flavors, a carefully curated selection of wines from all over Turkey is offered. Each wine is chosen meticulously to enhance the meze experience, derived from the unique grape varieties of Anatolia.

Adorning the walls of the venue are ceramic artworks themed around Cappadocia’s distinctive fairy chimneys and grape harvest. This artistic representation underscores the significance of the region’s wine culture and the Emir grape, a symbol of Anatolia’s millennia-old wine tradition. Through art, we share the history and geographical richness of Cappadocia with our guests.

The menu and business model of 316 are not solely focused on flavor and enjoyment but also shaped by environmental responsibility. Vegetable peels are dried and utilized as spices, while fruit leftovers find their place in cocktails. Minimal waste and recycling are ingrained in the DNA of our establishment.

In summary, 316 is a meeting point for innovation, responsibility, and enjoyment. By blending traditional flavors with modern touches, we offer our guests an unforgettable Anatolian feast.

Location: Teşvikiye, Sezai Selek Sk. Murat Apt D:28-30B, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul