The model redesigned for those who can’t stand still, encourages exploration and discovery with updated design, improved materials, and new unisex color options.

The Vans Ultrarange Neo VR3 is an ‘Off The Wall’ exploration shoe crafted with feedback from Vans Surf athletes who need a model that can go anywhere and do anything for their travels. With its unique ethos and athlete-focused design, it became a top choice for Vans enthusiasts with dynamic lifestyles. Now, as part of the 2024 Spring collection, it enters a new era with fresh color options, improved, updated, and enhanced, elevating everything users already loved about the model to a perfect 10.

The redesigned Vans Ultrarange Neo VR3, now available in unisex “Light Green/Black” and “Yellow/Multi” color options, features a new shape with improved mold and altered strap for extra support without compromising its appearance. Beyond just a mold update, upon closer inspection of the midsole, one notices that the sculpted embellishments are an abstract reinterpretation of Vans’ iconic checkerboard pattern. Additionally, adhering to strict footwear material guidelines across all main components, the shoe earns the Vans Checkerboard Globe title.

Accompanying the redesigned Vans Ultrarange Neo VR3 is a selection of clothing options suitable for any adventure, ensuring that this top-tier adventure shoe is paired with equally versatile attire. Among the highlights of the collection are pieces in outdoor-friendly colors that complement the shoes, such as the reversible Rosewood vest, the double-knit fisherman’s collar top and shorts set, climbing shorts, camp hat, woven short-sleeve tee, and cotton sleeveless tee.

The 2024 Spring Vans Ultrarange Neo VR3 collection is now available on