Vans presents “OLD MEETS KNU,” a tribute to timeless designs and narratives that unite the past, present, and future. This celebration brings together athletes and lifestyle curators from different generations with the legendary Vans Sidestripe.

From 1977 to Present: The Legacy of Old Skool

Introduced in 1977 as the third skateboarding shoe to follow Vans Authentic and Era, Old Skool quickly became an icon in the worlds of skateboarding, music, and fashion. Since its debut, it has been a staple in wardrobes with its legendary Sidestripe. Over the years, Old Skool has evolved to adapt to different styles through color and material updates in Vans collections.

Knu Skool: A Contemporary Twist on Tradition

Originally designed in 1997, Vans Knu Skool reimagines the classic Old Skool for the new generation. Drawing inspiration from skateboarding design, Knu Skool also offers new color options for the season. The model features a modern interpretation of the 90s silhouette with a padded tongue, 3D Sidestripe, and thick, oversized laces. Additionally, Knu Skool boasts a durable suede upper for maximum durability.

Telling the Story with Creators: Tony Alva, Breana Geering, Ed Templeton, Veneda Carter

For the first part of the “Old Meets Knu” campaign, Vans has chosen skateboarding legend Tony Alva and team member Breana Geering to represent the heritage and evolution of Old Skool and Knu Skool. Known for their youthful spirits, effortless demeanor, and original thinking, Alva and Geering embody two distinct expressions rooted in the same mindset and vision.

In the campaign’s second installment, Vans brings together Ed Templeton, bridging the worlds of art and skateboarding, and Veneda Carter, a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Templeton’s legendary skateboarding background and Carter’s innovative style reflect the diverse interactions of Old Skool and Knu Skool. These iconic figures represent Vans’ evolution and inspiration from the past to the present, continuing to inspire future generations.

Vans collaborates with two iconic creators who embody the “Off The Wall” spirit of free-spiritedness and radical creativity to share their stories. Renowned photographer Ed Templeton and stylist Veneda Carter are pioneering figures pushing the creative boundaries in their respective fields. While Templeton’s lens captures raw and authentic moments, Carter’s expertise in style redefines fashion norms. By offering their perspectives to the “Old meets Knu” campaign, they solidify the fusion of classic and contemporary.

These cultural leaders inspire each other, staying true to classic design while shaping the future of Vans style. Vans Knu Skool and Old Skool Classic are available at Vans stores and, reflecting their influence on the brand’s evolution.