In the rhythmic pulse of every step, there’s a language spoken by those who embrace the open road. Nike and Patta, once again, converge their spirits, crafting not just apparel and footwear, but a testament to unity, culture, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. The Nike x Patta Running Team capsule stands as a beacon, inviting athletes from all walks of life to claim their space in the running world.

At its core, this collaboration is more than just a fusion of brands; it’s a celebration of camaraderie and accomplishment. It encapsulates the ethos of the Patta Running Team—a community forged in Amsterdam in 2010 by Edson Sabajo—a desire to connect, explore, and uplift through the universal language of running.

The collection, both performance-driven and lifestyle-inspired, harmonizes the distinct attitudes of Nike and Patta. From lenticular three-color leggings to a heavyweight wool and leather varsity jacket adorned with nods to Patta Running Team achievements, each piece resonates with a shared passion for the sport.

Front and center in the campaign is Nike runner Sifan Hassan, a beacon of strength and resilience, embodying the spirit of the collection as a two-time gold medalist for the Netherlands. Her presence underscores the ethos of the Patta Running Team—to overcome, to conquer, and to inspire.

A standout in the lineup is the Air Huarache hybrid sneaker, a seamless blend of classic design and contemporary innovation. With three distinct colorways, premium leather overlays, and the iconic “Patta Air” graphic on the tongue, it symbolizes the fusion of heritage and modernity.

Throughout the collection, premium reflective graphics and the emblematic Patta Panther running mascot weave a narrative of empowerment and individuality. It’s a call to action, a declaration of intent—to run with purpose, to chase dreams, and to leave a mark on the pavement of life.

Available on and in Patta stores on April 26, and on SNKRS and select Nike partner stores on May 2, the Nike x Patta Running Team capsule beckons runners to join the movement. So lace up, hit the streets, and claim your place in the tapestry of running history.