Contemporary artist FVCKRENDER is set to make waves in the art world with his independent debut solo exhibition titled “Ascend,” taking place during Frieze New York this May. Hosted by renowned pop culture critic and curator Carlo McCormick, the event promises to be a captivating exploration of independence and evolution in contemporary art.

Featuring a unique blend of physical and digital works, “Ascend” showcases FVCKRENDER’s diverse talent and visionary approach. From large-scale sculptures to original prints and editions, attendees will be immersed in a world where art transcends boundaries.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are a striking 70” polyurethane chain link sculpture and 4” reinforced hydrocal plaster sculptures, available in limited editions for art enthusiasts to acquire and cherish.

In addition to the visual spectacle, guests will have the opportunity to gain insights into FVCKRENDER’s artistic journey through a Q&A session with Carlo McCormick. This conversation promises to shed light on the artist’s evolution and his place within the lineage of groundbreaking creators like Jean Michel-Basquiat, Keith Haring, and KAWS.

Furthermore, the immersive experience of “Ascend” will be enhanced by the olfactory dimension, courtesy of DS & Durga, providing a sensory backdrop to the exhibition.

For those eager to start their own collection, FVCKRENDER is releasing three new artworks in limited editions, offering accessible entry points into his artistic universe. A portion of these artworks will be reserved for FVCK token holders, ensuring inclusivity within the collecting community.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. In collaboration with LISA, the innovative platform for fractional fine art sales, FVCKRENDER introduces the opportunity for up to 300 collectors to own a piece of his iconic “Care” sculpture. Alongside fractional ownership, each collector will receive a limited-edition NFT and a signed physical print, empowering them to shape the legacy of the artwork.

Mark your calendars for this groundbreaking event:

Event Details:

Date: May 2-4, 2024 (May 2nd opening with live interview)

Time: May 2nd (6-8pm), May 3rd (12-8pm), May 4th (12-8pm)

Location: 515 W 23rd Street (Between 10th & 11th Ave), New York, NY.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the evolution of contemporary art with FVCKRENDER’s “Ascend” at Frieze New York. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of creativity and accessibility in the art world.